Modern Ceramic Grey Bulb Vase


Handmade Minimalist Ceramic Bulb Vase, Light Gray / Grey    Flower Vase | Modern Pottery Home Decor | Air Plant Holder | Gift

This minimalist and modern  vase was handcrafted on the potter’s wheel, using a high quality stoneware clay that mimics porcelain. Craftsmanship is a primary focus, as we offer our clients long lasting functional items that spark joy with every use.

At roughly 30cm high, this small  vase is perfect for gifting, being used for plant propagation, holding air plants, a small selection of flowers, or simply serving as a decoration. Available in  light blue grey, it also makes a great party favors for birthdays, bridal, or baby showers.  

Please note that while all pieces are as close to identical as possible, they of course have slight variations in size, glazing (i.e. drips, speckles, color gradients) etc.
All are imperfectly “perfect”. 🙂

*While all tableware is food and dishwasher safe, handcrafted wares. That said, washing by hand is the safest option as it will prevent potential warping, and ultimately extend the life of your pottery.

Dimensions: H: 300mm Dia: 150mm

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